Why YOU deserve it all.

Jun 20, 2023

Relationship. Job. Money. Travel. Inner peace. Appreciation. Opportunity. All of it. All that LOVE.


Yeah, YOU. You F*cking deserve the LOVE you long for. You are worthwhile and inherently deserving of love. JUST. FOR. BEING. YOU. That’s it. You don’t have to DO anything. Regardless of whether you have to work or were given privileges, your worthiness has zero to do with others.


How OTHERS see your value, deservingness, or worth, is on them. It is the filter that they live their life through. It is the judgement that they granulize and sift themself through. IT is the love they long for. From you. From themselves. From the World. They deserve the love that they want in their life, as do you. You deserve your basic human rights to be respected. You deserve to be treated with respect, kindness, and acceptance Dear. EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect. WE ARE ALL DESERVING.


Don’t let anyone tell you what YOU deserve or don’t.


Now, It’s perfectly acceptable to get up from the table, when love is served cold. You don’t have to stay somewhere that you feel stuck, dimmed, or boxed. By “somewhere,” I mean a physical location, with people, in a mindset, and in an emotional state. Somewhere = the space in which you reside in your mind, body, and spirit at any given moment. Be careful in the places that you choose to get up from the table though, that you make choices from your kind, loving heart and not from your arrogance, righteousness, or anger. And make damn sure that you check your perspective before you impose ownership of your feelings on another before action and word… Slow down and take your time here. (<- this is self-honoring. This is OTHER honoring.)


YOU. Me. WE. Yes, WE can show up in compassion for ourselves and others in the longings for our feelings to be held and unmet needs. We can honor what is alive for us in these moments where we want, where they want, where we are righteous, where they are. WE can and get to honor our anger, sadness, grief, and longings, just as much as we honor our pleasurable feelings. And the more we do this for ourselves and others, the more space we create to get what we desire. (<- this is self-honoring. This is OTHER honoring.)


Now, sometimes you’re going to have to get out of your own way, to get “it.” To step out of your own patterning to fully embody the truth, that ‘You truly deserve what you want.’ You may even have to negotiate and dance with time, people, and money. YOU may even have to negotiate with your own beliefs to allow yourself to get “it.” The question is, are you willing to do your work to find a way to ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE the LOVE you want?


ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE A STAND FOR YOUR LIFE AND YOUR TRUTH to LIVE IN YOUR F*CK YES???? Or is it “easier and more comfortable to live in the pattern?” Are you willing to take a stand for OTHERS TO LIVE IN THEIR TRUTH AND F*CK YES???


If You said YES, consider these:

I am responsible for the achievement of my desires

I am responsible for my choices and actions.

I am responsible for the level of consciousness that I bring to my relationships.

I am responsible for my behavior, my thoughts, my actions.

I’m responsible for my beliefs.

I am responsible for how I prioritize my time.

I am responsible for my own happiness.

I am responsible for choosing the values in which I live by.

I am responsible for the quality of communication that I bring.


Taking responsibility means that you can own the impact of your thoughts and actions on another, acknowledge it, and meet them with compassion. IT means that you can do that with yourself too. Are you ready to take that kind of ownership in your own life?


Can you be with someone who takes responsibility of their life too?


I believe that YOU DESERVE IT ALL because I see you as a powerful, whole, magical being, IN CONTROL and responsible for YOUR OWN life and actions. YOU are at Choice (even when you tell yourself the story that you aren’t.) You can feel it, can’t you? Your Deservingness.


If you made it this far and this resonated to you, share your “F*CK YES” and what you deserve.

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