“Relationships are the greatest wealth we have.” 


Great relationship skills are essential to leading a fulfilled life. For over 12 years, Patricia has dedicated her life and practice to helping clients develop and maintain optimal communication and relationship proficiency. Her work empowers people to transform their mindsets and reach deeper levels of intimacy in their lives.

In her current work as a love and intimacy coach, she guides clients to a full expression of themselves through teachings of compassion, empathy, and problem-solving. Her most rewarding interactions have yielded transformational changes. Patricia has supported clients in overcoming fears of intimacy and love, developing closer relationships with their most dear connections, increasing their business profits, and designing education programs for disadvantaged children.  


Following high school, Patricia attended The Mendocino School of Holistic Massage and Advanced Healing Arts. She studied multiple massage modalities, including Rebirthing/Holotropic Breathwork, while dedicating herself to deeper study of Hypnosis and NLP.

She has also studied with Love Coach Academy, Mantak Chia, and Sex Coach University. Her areas of expertise include compassionate communication, flexibility, focus, and non-attachment.

Patricia lives in a converted bus with her cat, Winston, in Northern California. She hosts both online and in-person breathwork, self-love, and sexuality classes for individuals, couples, and companies. 

“I believe relationships are the greatest wealth we have, compassionate presence and personal awareness can change the world, and we reach our highest potential one small, courageous step at a time.”

Trish Wright is an expert deviant of the sex coaching world, a puissant kink specialist with ten years of experience as a high-protocol domme and sacred erotic educator. Her expertise in walking with those exploring their deepest desires and alignment with their embodied integrity is unparalleled.

Trish's approach to sex coaching is a perfect blend of clinical sexology, BDSM, Holotropic Breathwork, Non-Violent Communication, Shadow Work, Gestalt, and Holistic Hypnosis. Sensuality and aliveness can be cultivated in all areas of life, and she believes that the breath is the most sensual and sacred tool to achieve this.

Trish is a true embodiment of her teachings. Her spiritual growth has transformed her from a timid, innocent Montana girl to a vibrant sexual deviant who revels in the pleasure of rituals and being fully present in her body. For her, Eros is about being in the full embodiment of the present moment, honoring your personal F*CK YES, and embracing the vulnerability of trust.

Trish is deeply committed to teaching healthy relationship skills to children, and she's teaming up with One Love to bring this education to the world. Her work facilitates the transformation of the mind, body, and spirit through integrative sound, breath, and movement.

And as for Trish's personal life, she is a gender-bending, social programming button pusher, a self-proclaimed wild animal that knows no limits to self expression but deeply respects boundaries. She’s a verasexual with an unwavering commitment to integrity. And although she's a certified sex coach and host of two online shows, but she's also a deep feeler and thinker, a lover, friend, and connection-philiac. She loves nothing more than indulging in her kinkster tendencies, pushing the limits of pleasure and pain, and inspiring those to fall in love with themselves. And let's not forget her soft spot for puns and her faithful feline companion, Mr. Winston Wolf.

Whether you're looking to explore BDSM, improve your sex life, or deepen your intimacy with your partner, Trish Wright Global is the sex and relationship coach for you. Her heart-centered approach prioritizes cultivating deeper intimate connections, resolving conflicts, and increasing intimacy, leading to a fulfilling sex life that will leave you breathless. Visit https://www.trishwrightglobal.com to learn more about how Trish can help you transform your sex life into an erotic adventure.

Current Mentors

Dawn Light Amora – Spiritual Psychology, Theta Healing : http://dawnlightamora.com/

Michelle Cummins - Licensed Acupuncturist, Flower Essence Practitioner, and Chinese Medical Herbalist http://www.cultivateacupuncture.com/

Scott Catamas - Love Coach Academy https://lovecoachacademy.com/

Rene Abouaf - LMFT, Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, Native American Church Elder 

Dr. Janae Devika – School of Healing – Coaches Coach Training http://schoolofselfhealing.com/ 

“I believe relationships are the greatest wealth we have, compassionate presence and personal awareness can change the world, and we reach our highest potential one small, courageous step at a time.”

— Patricia Wright

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