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Private Attention

I would like to invite you on a journey into transcendent happiness and freedom. A radical path of self-love, compassion, and fulfillment. A deeper lens through which to view your life, cultivate powerful loving relationships, and downright thrive. Through individual coaching sessions, we’ll partner to align your priorities, empower your spirit, and guide you along the path to your best life!

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Self-Secure: Loving our Insecurities & Cultivating Self-Reliance

Do you feel jealousy, abandonment, and unworthiness are running your life? You're not alone. So many of us are caught in the fight-or-flight pattern, constantly trying to survive and find love. But what if there was another way? What if you could learn to work with these feelings instead of against them?

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Dignified Man

The world needs the noble masculine to step forward now. This individualized journey is for the man who is ready to attune to his power, to cultivate a depth of being, to find that fresh vibrant zest for life again, and to powerfully navigate his natural desires and tendencies toward greater fulfillment, satisfaction, success, and confidence. This is about embodiment. It’s about healing the wounds that your family and this society have placed upon you. This is the path to becoming the irresistible, safe, alive, and magnetic man you were born to be. 

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Sex Coaching

Whether we acknowledge it or not, our sexuality, our sense of intimacy, our turn-on plays a big part in our lives. It impacts our ability to feel fully expressed, embodied, and vibrant. Sex Coaching is a way to get support to navigate challenges, and actualize your dreams when it comes to your sex life. This can look like overcoming mental blocks to getting what you want, performance issues, overcoming shame or guilt, and creating unprecedented closeness with your partner(s). 

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All workshops are straight, queer, transgender, bi, freedom-to-love-who-you-choose friendly events. Each event is founded on consent and boundary conversations.

It is encouraged and required.

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