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Trish is a fantastic coach. She gets it. She took the time to learn about my background and asks the right kind of questions to help me see where my past affects my present. She's kind and compassionate when I need her to be and will not hesitate to give me a swift (consensual) kick in the pants when kindness and compassion won't break through my thick skull. She's helped me through a difficult career transition and the ending of a decade long relationship. Her guidance and calm presence have helped me maintain my sanity during these tumultuous times.'

~ Eve - SF




Trish Wright's caring and attentive coaching helped facilitate breakthroughs in self-discovery and growth unlike anything I had experienced before in all my years of self-help work - bringing me, in a surprisingly short period of time, to greater levels of clarity, self-love, understanding and empowerment. Thank you, Trish!

~ RS - Los Angeles




There are times in life when one has the opportunity to meet a person who is so perceptive, so intuitive, and so discerning that the experience becomes profound. Trish is one of those people.

~ Scott - Phoenix, AZ




Trish is a master communicator. Her approach is non-threatening and is one of compassion, empathy, and understanding. She articulates precisely and listens intently. She is a kind person who graces the universe with optimism and love.

~ S. - UT




The insights I gained from Trish were incredible. I learned about the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of myself and loved ones, which I had never known before. I had feelings I had never felt before. I gained a depth of appreciation I had never experienced before. All was done is an environment of safety and peace.
~ H. - SD




Trish has helped me navigate some of the most difficult transitions in my life. She's kind, empathetic, and genuinely cares about seeing people build happier lives. Her questions help me build an understanding of how my past affects my present and my presence in it, which has immensely helped my personal growth. She urges me to examine the things that are really holding me back from getting what I want out of life. She also holds the space for me where I can look critically at my harmful patterns while finding love and compassion for myself. I couldn't think of a better person to have in my corner.

~ Z - SF




To awake from a sleep that you were unaware of is truly life altering, especially in the warm embrace of one so gentle. Having completed four intense, lovely cerebral sessions of spiritual exploration, I can only say WOW! Erudite, compelling, respectful, and probing: if you choose it to be. Thank you for opening the door! What a wonderful day to take a walk with one’s self.

~ Charles - Berkeley




Since my teens I had always dreamed of being in a healthy loving relationship. But I had a constant pattern of running away from emotionally secure women, and instead chased women who were emotionally unavailable. And after each heartbreak I’d always blame the women I chose to date.

Then I hit a low point in my life that forced me to confront this pattern. In a powerful moment of awareness, I realized that I was attracting dysfunctional women because I was dysfunctional, and if I wanted to change my pattern, then I had to change myself.

With that clarity, I committed myself to do whatever it would take to evolve into the kind of man that a) will attract an emotionally secure woman and b) will flourish in an emotionally healthy relationship.

In working with Trish I was able to dig deep within myself and discover the beliefs and wounds that were getting in the way of my happiness. Trish has a real talent for knowing what questions to ask and how to help me explore the hidden parts of myself that were getting in the way of my ability to connect deeply with a partner. Trish did it without me ever feeling judged or defensive. Her encouragement and support allowed me to do my inner work quicker than I could with any of the therapists or coaches I worked with before.

If you’re ready to do your inner work and change your patterns, then I highly recommend working with Trish.

~ Vincent Santilli




Trish Wright's coaching was a transformative experience unlike any other self-help journey I've embarked on. Her caring guidance and attentiveness led to remarkable breakthroughs in self-discovery and personal growth. In a remarkably short time, I found greater clarity, self-love, understanding, and empowerment. Grateful for you, Trish! Thank you!

RS - Los Angeles

“I believe relationships are the greatest wealth we have, compassionate presence and personal awareness can change the world, and we reach our highest potential one small, courageous step at a time.”

— Patricia Wright

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