The Impact of “LOOKING GOOD”

Apr 21, 2023

Are you afraid to truly be seen in your ugly, real-life, meltdown, angry, crying humanness???


Those fat rolls, the wrinkles, the grief that you may hold?


Are you afraid to be seen in your fear and limitations?



Because they won’t love you there?… or is it because you don’t love you there?


Is there shame of “not having it all together” or being happy all the time?


Is there guilt for needing, wanting to retreat, or seeking attention?


Are you afraid that if you don’t LOOK GOOD, they won’t love you???


The most destructive thing I was taught in the psychospiritual community was “Anger is lower vibration” and the “It’s all good” belief system.


It was literally the MOST dehumanizing and shaming concept. AND I TOOK IT ON. I thought it was the way. I trusted that it was a way OUT of my Trauma.


Just meditate, just breath, let it go… literally made me feel like shit. How come I couldn’t “Just LET IT GO”? What the F was wrong with me??


It took years to understand that was spiritual bypassing. Years of shame for “not being happy” ALL THE TIME.


Years of guilt that I couldn’t “just affirm” my way to emotional stability and abundance.


Can you relate?


Love, humaning IS about feeling. Feeling it ALL.


Sweet person reading this, remember that your feelings are valid. They are true. They are apart of you.


You as a complete, whole being deserving of love, respect and support JUST FOR EXISTING.

  • All humans deserve respect, kindness, compassion and EQUAL RIGHTS.

  • All humans, creatures, adults, children DESERVE RESPECT.



  • YOU DESERVE TO SHARE your full-expression of SELF.


  • Today is a good day to be with what is. To be with whatever feelings may be alive for you.

  • To see you from a lens of kindness.

  • Can you allow yourself to see you as a miracle (even just for a moment)?


I invite you to put your hand on your chest and say “I am HERE, with ME. NOW.”


Wrap your arms around your inner little one and allow you to be held and accepted in YOUR OWN LOVE AND COMPASSION.


Photographer: Michael Moore

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