Taking a Stand

Apr 21, 2023

I choose to do better and hold myself to a higher standard. I am accountable for my actions and my thoughts. I am also held accountable for the actions and words of the people I choose to surround myself with. (Guilty by association, complicity)


So, I can no longer and I will not tolerate or continue to perpetuate prejudice and discrimination.


This means:

  • I will continue to acknowledge how my thoughts, words, and behaviors (conscious and unconscious) IMPACT others.
  • I commit to educate myself on how I participate in harmful narratives and behaviors against others.
  • I choose to actively work on dissolving those thoughts, conversations, and actions in myself.
  • That I will distance myself from people who willingly choose to spread harm. I will gently call your attention to it but if you choose to not even consider it, I will step back as I can no longer enable behaviors that harm others.
  • I will still love you and find compassion for your perspective. I will still value you deeply. <3
  • I will make myself available for growth conversations.


What do you stand for? Make a statement, a declaration of your integrity, from your inner core and walk forward with Dignity.

Dear loves,

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