Mistakes are HUMAN.

Jun 20, 2023

Today's consideration brought to you by Mistakes:


....Even the most skilled teachers make mistakes... The Dalai Lama gets angry... Tantrikas get sad… Master chefs f*ck up recipes…


When we expect for humans NOT to be human, we disown their humanness, their clunky 4th dimension bodies, and their paths - the trajectory of their life. We disown our humanity too with judgement and cruelty. For we know that a judgement of another is a harsh judgement of self.


But isn’t it through “mistakes” that we evolve? This is the work. The Practice of being human. We GET to Practice BEING human. To learn. To grow. To find the way to the greater vastness of LOVE.


Mistake is a word that implies right/wrong, good/bad, perfection/failure. It lives in the duality, void of compassion. The word mistake strips us of our human condition implying that life has a single “correct” trajectory.


<- Humans are fucking created to transform. Our bodies and minds evolve from infancy to adulthood. We have to learn to use our fingers and solve math problems. We make mistakes to refine our skills. We learn habits based on repetition of thought and action. And then our bodies deteriorate and we devolve back to infancy…. How can we expect “perfection” from a being that deteriorates with the exact thing that we need to survive. -> Oxygen.


So Today, I invite you to step into your vast expression of aliveness, get messy, and trust your F*ck YES! This is how we EVOLVE! Forgive yourself for BEING human. Forgive them/us for living in the duality.


Today, I practice being HUMAN. Are you with me?


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