Love without Vanity

Apr 21, 2023

I offer my love without vanity.


Because my attraction to your physicality is not love. Nor is the judgement I place on my skin and body. I will love you in your belly, thighs, chin, bags, n sags. I will love you in your embodiment.


My love comes without need for aesthetics or fashion.


Because fashion is a strategy for belonging and I will inevitably fall in love with your inspired self-expression.


My love comes without the need for you to stress over calories or gym time.


Because I know your body will deteriorate and I will love you in your truth.


My love comes without need for financial or educational status or your popularity.


Because I know time weathers reputations, money can be fickle, and the human mind reverts back to infancy. I will love you in your vulnerability.


I love you in your joy as well in as in your pain. In fact, I can actually love you more deeply if you allow me to see you in the places you suffer or are afraid.


You see, for me, love is radical acceptance and wild compassion. And, in my inner truth, I know that the places in you that I find challenging to love are the same ones in myself.


So Love, dear sweet love, I can LOVE YOU there.


Loving me is loving you. This is self love.

Dear loves,

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