Integration is the Key

Apr 21, 2023

Remember dear, to take time to rest and integrate. Even if you’ve “already taken” a lot of time.


When we slow down, we can hear what is alive and true inside. We get to feel all that is and realign with our heart. We get to BE with ourselves.


What are you doing for yourself today to integrate, to process, to be with what is?


Today, I rest and integrate big lessons learned over the last few weeks. I realign my energy with what is true in my heart. This means sleep, art, reading. This means NOT writing a long post. This means thinking about you, them, and praying for those I love, loved, and have never met.


What does rest and integration look like for you?


I painted this many years ago... “Mixed Feelings” was the first step of actually integrating two conflicting feelings. The start of a journey of self discovery and learning to live in my authenticity and with deep acceptance. This was crossroad of deep loss and conversion. Today, I sit in integration of ways to live more fully and the dissolution of the many systems and beliefs of oppression that I’ve carried within me.

Dear loves,

Nov 03, 2023

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