Inspired Living IS Inspired LOVING.

Jun 20, 2023

When did you lose your humanity? Your free flowing connection to your body? When did you trade your pleasure for money and material?


Could you even see it? Taste it? Feel it? As your soul slipped into The SHOULD?????


I can see it now, on your beautiful face. Your skin is grey and dry. With worry. You’re “miles away” from me. From those you love. From yourself. Lost in the forest of have tos and shoulds.


Living in The Obligation or Living in The Should is like living in the Nothing (if it were a place) from The NeverEnding Story. It’s dark, scary, eats everything, makes everything a chore. You either want to fight it, run from it, and/or it generally feels disempowering.


Like this:

  • Atreyu: What is the Nothing?
  • G'mork: It's the emptiness that's left. It's like a despair, destroying this world. And I have been trying to help it.
  • Atreyu: But why?
  • G'mork: Because people who have no hopes are easy to control; and whoever has the control... has the power!”


When we live in The Should and The Obligation, we suck the joy out of human interaction, out of our lives, and out of our connections with others. Our stories run amuck and force others to participate in a narrative that isn’t theirs. Non Consensually. Hell, we might not even know we are doing it. We just sort of do “what we are supposed to do” without questioning why and keep stacking others needs/wants above our own. This builds disconnection, resentment, depression, etc. You know this, I know I’m preaching to the choir over here. I’m just telling you that you are not alone.


I remember living there. The Obligation. The Should. That drab lifeless place. I still visit sometimes. There’s a certain pressure there that allows me to feel the struggle of exhaustion, friction, resentment, and annoyance. This is the place where I can “freely” abandon myself and my truth. It’s also the place where I can blame others for my feelings and lack of action. See, that’s the payoff. Do you have a place like this?


It’s ok to be in this place. It’s perfectly human. The question I have for you is Do you want to stay there? Because you don’t have to LIVE there, you can just visit sometimes, get your fill, and get back into Inspired Loving; Inspired living.


I’m NOT saying to neglect your kids, lovers, friends, job, responsibilities, etc. I’m advocating for you to carve out a little YOU time. The time to nurture the things that TRULY matter to you. Your body, your dreams, your laughter. Nurturing the connections with your family, your art, your NO, and YOUR F*CK YES. Nurture YOUR LOVELY SELF, so that the “have tos” aren’t so heavy. Self-Love IS Self-Nurturing. IT is living in your F*CK YES. Inspired living IS inspired LOVING.


Is NOW the time? Is it time yet? To just be. To be fully you. Fully alive. Fully accepting of you, in this now moment. OR is there still “SO much” to do and to force?


Who are we without the agenda? The accomplishments? The Money? The Privilege? The beauty standards? (<- Are these truly YOU? The YOU that you believe you are?)


Who is The Who that witnesses this personality? This identity? This ego? This who is the witnesser, the lover of life, the enjoyer of what is. The one who loves. The one who feels.


All this worry. This frustration. This stress. Is it worth it. What difference will it all essentially make?


Will it be worth it as our children’s children hold our hands as we take our last breath? What will our loved ones remember? How will they be impacted? What did we teach them by neglecting our joy, fun, and aliveness?


Is this the legacy that we want to leave? How we want to be remembered?


Today, I invite you to redefine success as a measure of Self-Love. Take an opportunity to align your definition of love with your definition of success. This is where you live an Inspired Life.


If you get stuck, ask yourself: “If I were the only person on earth, would I still want to do ___?


(This removes other people's influence from your decision-making and frees you up to determine how you actually feel.)


In case you forgot: You still deserve the love you want.


**I’ll always be a stand for you getting the love you want.


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