Celebrating YOUR Growth

Jun 20, 2023

Sometimes it takes time... Time to understand. Time for the petals of wisdom to unfurl in your heart and soul, my love.


Change requires daily commitment. Weekly self pep talks. Monthly realignments. Yearly reflections.


It requires your patience. Self-Love does, I mean. Be gentle and give yourself some credit. Look back on time and celebrate where you’ve been. (I double dog dare you.)


Write out those lists of the accomplishments of personal growth, you cried, laughed, fought, and bled for babe. YOU F*CKING DESERVE IT!


Here’s some lessons I’ve been integrating since 2019:

  • No one will honor your boundaries except for you.
  • Regardless of how people think of you, showing up in integrity and being authentic gives people a choice in whether you’re worth hanging out with or putting time and energy into. Vice versa.
  • I would rather be by myself than with people who make me feel bad or require me to contort to get their love and attention.
  • Sometimes the truth is really painful and that there’s safety and security in reality.
  • You can’t change somebody’s mind, unless they want to try a new perspective.
  • Being considerate doesn’t mean conforming to someone else’s needs or wants.
  • The relationship one has with oneself is the relationship they have with others.
  • The places of confusion and discomfort inside of me are the places where I’ve abandoned myself most. These are the places to hold clear, loving boundaries.
  • The warning signs of my codependent patterning, how to work with it, how it feels when I start to rely on someone for their attention.
  • The list of what I’m learning continues to grow everyday and it’s where I’m at. And I can love me here. This is Inspired Living. This is living in your F*CK YES.


You can only move as fast as your perspective can shift... So, just keep chipping away at this and know you don’t have to go this journey alone. Share your growth and accomplishments, so we can celebrate your WINS!

Dear loves,

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