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Your intimacy is crucial to your Love.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that.

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Intimacy isn’t just about Sex, it’s about Connection…

It’s also about:

  • Radically loving honesty.

  • Trusting your partner to meet you in vulnerability.

  • Being courageous in your desires.

  • Moving through your conflicts with compassion.

  • Exploring your shadows and the taboos that excite you.

  • Bringing depth and pleasure into your lives.

  • Having FUN!



This work touches every aspect of your relationship…

As a trauma-informed kink educator, I am honored to host private retreats for couples seeking to deepen their intimacy and explore their sexuality. Through the power of communication, boundary setting, and consent negotiation, we delve into the most vulnerable parts of their lives and relationship in a safe and supported environment.

During these retreats, you engage in breathwork, learn about trauma-informed kink education, and build greater trust and connection within your relationship with yourself and your partner(s). Through exercises in communication and embodiment, as well as education on kink and sacred sexuality, you can go deep into their wants, needs, boundaries, and desires. Due to the safe and nurturing environment, you can negotiate sexual containers and explore kinks through trauma-informed practices. My utmost priority is to ensure that all activities are based on enthusiastic consent and clear communication.

These intense and personal retreats offer a unique opportunity to discover new levels of pleasure and intimacy through exploring kink and sacred sexuality. I am grateful for the opportunity to facilitate such transformative experiences for you to come together and cultivate greater connection in your relationships.


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This work is a way to elevate your existing experience to something greater…


  • Get out of your head.
  • Learn the power of seduction.
  • Increase your capacity for pleasure.
  • Discover what you’re really into.
  • Get clear on who you’re really attracted to.
  • Develop communication skills to navigate anything that comes up in your sex life.
  • Finally fulfill your fantasies.


Tap into your sensory intuitive awareness that can enhance every sexual experience you have from here forward.


Whether we acknowledge it or not, our sexuality, our sense of intimacy, our turn-on plays a big part in our lives. It impacts our ability to feel fully expressed, embodied, and vibrant. 

Sex Coaching is a way to get support to navigate challenges, and actualize your desires when it comes to your sex life. 

This can look like overcoming mental blocks to getting what you want, performance issues, overcoming shame or guilt, and creating unprecedented closeness with your partner(s). 

Hi, I’m Trish Wright,

I know first hand how valuable sex coaching can be.

I’ve been doing this work for years, and it is such a gift to watch people come alive, courageously explore new territory, and release years of shame as they acknowledge, accept, and begin to embody the parts of themselves that have been hidden or made wrong for so long. 

You deserve to have it all.

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