The Dignified Man

The Dignified Man is a leader among men.

  • He feels authentic, powerful, and safe
  • He has integrity, is honest, and speaks his truth
  • He makes an impact
  • He creates a safe space for those in his life
  • He is aware of his emotions and harnesses their power
  • He feels fulfilled and lives life on purpose

The dignified man has unlocked himself from limitation and leaves a legacy of strength, generosity, and embodied love in his wake.

 This man lives in all men. 

The challenge is that most men are not raised, or mentored as they come of age, to know how to best harness and wield that raw power within them. 

It is never too late. You are here for a reason. 

This work is deep, personalized, transformative, and will bring you to a place of nobility, honor, congruence, and incorruptibility. 
(Some of the most attractive qualities in a man.)

 This is for…

I have been doing this work for years, and it’s one of my deepest passions to ensure that each man I work with feels fully seen, truly loved, authentic, and radically accepted for exactly who and what he is.

This is for…

  • The man who craves that spark of life again

  • The man who desires deep loving relationships

  • The man who longs for radiant sexual expression and partners

  • The man who wants to speak his mind and feel heard, seen, and appreciated

  • The man who reaches for success, fulfillment, and professional achievement

  • The man who is ready to transmute his anger, sadness, and frustration into something great

Whether we acknowledge it or not, our sexuality, our sense of intimacy, our turn-on plays a big part in our lives. It impacts our ability to feel fully expressed, embodied, and vibrant.


Sex Coaching is a way to get support to navigate challenges, and actualize your desires when it comes to your sex life.


This can look like overcoming mental blocks to getting what you want, performance issues, overcoming shame or guilt, and creating unprecedented closeness with your partner(s).

It’s time to redefine love and intimacy. 


It’s time for that wild and amazing sex life you’ve always dreamed of.


It’s time for the confidence that leads to dynamic shifts in your professional life, and close, connected personal relationships.

I see you. 

I know what you’re seeking. 

It’s a connection to that excitement and newness of life you once had. 

It makes you feel nostalgic, it makes you search for novel experiences. 

This work is a pathway to that.

When men do this work, they liberate themselves and everyone around them. 

They become men of integrity: safe and powerful. They are attuned to their own needs as well as the needs of others. They understand the importance of consent and treat people with dignity. They learn to be safe and attuned to the needs of others while holding their sovereign core.

These men move from their authentic selves, and express their feelings with generosity and honesty. These men become safe when they attune to their own integrity and the life around them. The dignified man takes a stand for consent.

We need men who are authentic and who can express their feelings. We need men who are safe and attuned to us. We need consensual men who treat us with dignity. We all benefit when men do their personal growth work. 

I care deeply about the men of the world stepping up in this way. So, I encourage you all: Redefine love. Do the work. Become a better man. The world needs you.

Hi, I’m Trish Wright

I work with high-level male executives to unlock their optimal potential.

Together, we break the barrier in their consciousness that holds them back from being their full expression. This brings them a new level of awareness on how to further build their legacy and make a bigger impact in the world with the work they do.

  • Through dissolving tired old programming that stifles their power. 
  • Through acknowledging power dynamics.
  • Through aligning with their truth, and masculinity.
  • Through managing their emotions and sexuality.
  • Through accessing and repatterning core wounding.


This work is affirming, reassuring, and validating.


This work leads to Self-Love and a greater capacity to Self-Resource.


This work will transform your relationship to self and others.



The journey starts here.

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